Inspired by Celtic spirit ~ Made in Nova Scotia.
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These are simple 3 layer masks made using CDC  and Health Canada guidelines and are not designed to replace a medical grade face mask. They are not intended to encourage anyone to reduce any requirements for social distancing and they must be washed after each use.

 Recent studies seem to be indicating that a combination of fabrics result in the best non-medical masks.  Researchers point out that tightly woven fabrics, such as cotton, can act as a mechanical barrier to particles, whereas fabrics that hold a static charge (like polyester) serve as an electrostatic barrier. A third layer of non-woven material adds extra protection while maintaining breathability.

Our masks all have an outer shell, Polypropylene inner filter, and high density 100% cotton lining. The elastics go around the head, for a more secure fit, but are easily adapted to be worn behind the ears.

Your mask must fit snugly around your face. Any gaps that allow the wearer to breath around, rather than through, the mask can make them up to 90% ineffective.

Non Medical Masks are non-taxable.