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Wee Purse - Bone Powder


Corpse medicine was common in Europe up until the 17th century. Bone Powders were believed to cure a myriad of ills. Powders made from the skulls of the dead were said to cure headache, and especially prized were the bones of Egyptian mummies. The 17th-century pioneer of brain science,Thomas Willis, suggested a drink that mingled powdered human skull and chocolate. King Charles II of England sipped his personal tincture, “The King’s Drops”, which contained human skull in alcohol.

Our Wee Purses are individually crafted using wools, tweeds, tartans and velvets. They feature a strap that is hand crocheted from coordinating yarn and a porcelain button made by Megan Billings Pottery.

Approximate size - Purse: 15x20 cm (6"x8")  Strap: 130cm (52")


 Wool Blend, Assorted fabrics

Hand Wash


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